Demonstration programs

Standard ECG Analysis
Date 5.12.2011 Size 10.2

The demonstration base includes 450 ECGs, covering almost the whole list of reports, that can be given by the program.

The program can be used as a teaching one. The main guide is a datebase search on the required abnormality.

The software program is represented without any fraud, i.e. all reports are really built by the program. You can easily check it: just correct the diagnosis in the past history or the date of birth or the blood pressure and the report will be reformed.

By the introduced software program we would like to show the computer diagnostics level based on the artificial intelligence methods. Getting acquainted with software programs of other companies we have met nothing like our programs, nothig similar to what "Myocard-12" complex can do.

Complicated and interesting ECGs are described in the authors note.

ECG Holter monitor
Date 2.10.2012 Size 27.5

The software program is meant for a 22 or 24 wide screen . By scrolling a 19 wide screen you will notice insignificant inconveniences. Using a 17 or less than 17 screen is rather difficult.

Answers to many questions can be found in the user manual posted on our website.

All the represented records are displayed after the processing made by the computer before the adjustment made by the specialist. Thats why they contain a few classification mistakes. To be sure that the records werent corrected manually you have to undertake some series of steps described in the authors note.

The software program and the base show only the traditional ECG analysis, i.e. they show the main thing in Holter monitor. Additional sensors and other trendy analysis could be represented later.

There is 1 daily record in the base initially. To look through the other records you have to download them into the folder HOL\, where the demonstation program is installed. Each record is about ... MB in size
! Attention! After the demonstration program is downloaded and additional records are restored into the HOL\ base, you have to push the botton Reload the list of records. This botton is placed in the upper part of the window, where the list of patients is displayed.

Over 2400 episodes of transient WPW, about 5000 single WPW download
download (19 mb)
About 70 episodes of the lower atrial rate
download (21.1 mb)
Over 50 pauses, the maximum pause - 2.9 sec (3 blocked )
download (11.9 mb)
Over 100 episodes of ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia
download (14.8 mb)
Almost 12 hours of the prolonged QT
download (28.4 mb)
8 episodes of ischemic displacement of ST
download (15.3 mb)
Record on 12-leads. Ischemic displacement of ST-segment
download (88.6 mb)
Pacemaker in the DDD mode
download (87.6 mb)

The details to the base contents are described in the authors note.