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«Home cardioanalyser »(ECG Recorder)

The article in the «Gorodskoy kuryer» newspaper No.19 of May 11, 2011. (316
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Home cardioanalyser is intended for ECG recording, its analysis on a PC and if necessary sending it for consultation.

The cardioanalyser performs:

  • a standard ECG recording (on 12 leads), its visualisation on the screen and printout,
  • ECG analysis in dynamics in comparison with the series of previous ECGs, with recommendations concerning the further actions,
  • analysis of a Holter (24-hours) ECG.

The cardioanalyser allows to carry out regular monitoring of ECG at home. This device can function together with the consultative centre (CC) as well as independently. I.e. the user can send an ECG for consultation or can rely on computer diagnostics and recommendations concerning the further actions. ECGs are transmitted per Internet. The main aim is to start medical treatment in time and to avoid lethal outcome in case of heart pathology.

The cardioanalyser is extremely useful for patients, which have had myocardial infarction or which have cardiac pains, life-threatening arrhythmias. The home cardioanalyser is made on the base of the professional «Myocard-12» , ECG recorder, the device has certificates, including «Measuring means» Certificate, registration certification, calibration of metrological service. ECG recorder «Myocard-12» was sold to more than 1000 medical institutions of Russia.


For a big category of patients we added 6-leads-recording mode without ball syringes. Now it has became more easier to use the home cardioanalyser.

Delivery set

  • cardiomodule USB,
  • leads cable,
  • set of reusable electrodes (ball syringes and pins),
  • a pack of disposable electrodes,
  • CD with software,
  • user manual, a form,
  • small bag.
  • Windows XP,7,
  • free USB-port,
  • Internet connection.

Basic features

1.Estimation of ECG dynamics in a series of ECG.

In analysis of ECG the program «Myocard-12», uses all previous examinations. The program reveals all abnormalities in all ECGs and then analyses, whether improvement or worsening of revealed abnormalities takes place. During analysis of worsening the program takes into account, whether such abnormalities happened earlier, how often, their severity, localization, form etc. Abnormality tendencies in a few last ECGs play a big role in the analysis: the situation can improve, remain stable or become worse. On the basis of such a full picture of ECG dynamics the program gives recommendations how to act next. The next recommendations can be given:

  • Send the ECG to the doctor of functional diagnostics immediately;
  • Consult a doctor in the outpatient department in order to correct the treatment;
  • According to the ECG dynamics there is no need to consult a doctor of functional diagnostics;
  • ECG is without dynamics;
  • ECG has improved;
  • ECG has become insignificantly worse.

It happens for the first time that a "home"-class device gives recommendations about the further actions before consulting a doctor. In this technology 2 characteristics of computer diagnostics take the first place: sensitivity and specificity.

According to the results of the medical tests of «Myocard-12» in April 2010, sensitivity of diagnostics was 99 % (i.e. in 1 case out of 100 with pathology the software program has had to give a more serious recommendation), specificity of diagnostics was 85 %, (i.e. in 15 cases out of 100 there is overdiagnosis). ). It should be mentioned that out of all ECG analysing programs known to us only our program is based on the methods of artificial intellect.

2.Consultation with the doctor

This device is of great use because it is connected with the consultative centre. After the patient has bought the cardioanalyser he has to log in on the Cardiocentre web-site, where he gets his own account. The user will receive 2 consultations for FREE at sign-up. Then he/she can refill his/her account via electronic cards or in Sberbank offices. In his/her account, the user can see his/her refills, expenses, results of earlier consultations, etc.

To transmit an ECG for consultation the user has to click on the button "Consultation". At the same time the user can look through the list of consultants "on line" and choose a certain doctor or the dispatcher can determine automatically where the inquiry about a consultation should be sent.

It takes from 1 second to 5 seconds to transmit an ECG, depending on the speed of the Internet. After it has been detected, that ECGs are placed already on the server, the software program except the last ECG also sends the row of the previous ECGs. Thus during the ECG analysis the consultant has at his disposal all previous ECGs of the patient, necessary for analysis in the dynamics. Telephone communication between the user and the consultant is possible on the initiative of any of them. Communication per Skype is also possible.

An ECG of any person (for example, a neighbour, a friend) can be recorded and if necessary sent for consultation.

3.Recording of long-term leads - "Home Holter monitor"

Similar to the Holter monitor, a long-term ECG is recorded for up to 24 hours. The delivery set includes "Myocard-Holter" program, which reveals abnormalities in the long-term record. Owing to the powerful navigator of the program the users can see whether arisen abnormalities are recorded or not. Rare rhythm and conduction disturbances, stenocardia attacks may occur only a few times per year. It is difficult to reveal such abnormalities by ambulatory twenty-four-hour monitoring. Thanks to our device it is possible to do it at home.

A long-term ECG can be also sent to the docter for consultation.

4.Dynamics for the whole period

In this mode diagrams of important ECG parameters and abnormalities are made for the whole period of use of the device, for example, for two years according to all collected ECGs. On the basis of the diagrams the patient can analyse if nutrition of the heart has improved or worsened, he can analyse the dynamics of rhythm and cardial conduction disturbances and associate these changes with the season, medicines and other factors.

5.Mobile complex

The device is placed in a small bag. Together with a notebook it makes a powerful mobile diagnostic complex, that will be popular with active people with cardiac pathology. For example, when travelling on business, in the plane, on a picnic you can register an ECG, receive a conclusion and if necessary send the ECG to the doctor for consultation. There is one more choice, namely to use a PDA (pocket computer). In this case you should apply to us for a PDA and the required software program.

6.Use Recommendations

This device is recommended for the following categories of patients:

  • patients with the ischemic heart disease (IHD), in particular, the ones who have suffered from a myocardial infarction, to control the dynamics of their disease;
  • patients with serious arrythmias or abnormalities of conductibility to control the appearing or potential forms thereof (tachycardia, bradycardia) and appraise counter-arrythmia treatment efficiency;
  • patients with extended QT syndromes or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to control arising life-threatening arrythmias:
  • patients with heart pacemakers to appraise malfunctions of the pacemaker;
  • patients with undetected dysfunctions in case of complaints about heartaches, increased heartbeat frequency, faintness, dizziness.

7.Distinctive features

  • In this device the ECG is recorded on 12 standard leads, whereas in the majority of similar devices shorter formats are used: one or three leads, where many abnormalities are not seen. In some devices (e.g. cardio pager) there are also 12 leads, but they are not synchronized because they result from subsequent applications of the device to different areas on the body.
  • Visual control during ECG recording. Most our competitors dont have it, therefore the doctor often receives an ECG with obvious interfering signals displayed. In case of our device, however, if any interfering singnals are displayed on the screen, the patient just puts the electrodes into their correct positions, waits until a pure signal is received, and then stops recording. In this way 3000 our devices work in ECG wards in hospitals and polyclinics.
  • For the first time in the world computer analysis in a series of ECG in the dynamics was developed, which takes into account all the previous ECGs. This has provided high accuracy of the analysis of the situation and correctness of recommendations of "Further actions". In all known similar devices all ECGs are transmitted to the medical consultant. In our system, due to powerful diagnostics, it is recommended to transmit to a doctor only an ECG with negative dynamics, which makes up to 20 per cent according to our statistics. This can be provided by no other similar device in the world. he user can do without contacting a consulting center, since the program generates 99.8% precise recommendations.
  • The transfer is effected via a digital communication channel. Advantages: no telephone line required, no additional interfering signals, no staff needed at the receiving end to receive and synchronise data from different leads.
  • A higher daily ECG analysis daily ECG quality reached at home. Not offered by any Russian competitor.
  • Our device can be used anywhere, not only in large cities, as ECGs are sent to the Internet Cardiocentre via the web. The Centre can be accessed through your account at our web-site.

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